IXD AAD012 – 8. Weekly Progression

During my main workshop, my class used Miro boards to display our progress and  give feedback on each others work. We uploaded our images and left post-it notes of things we liked, or ideas we had to inspire one another. This was something that I hadn’t experienced at school or even earlier at the start of the foundation degree. Seeing the weekly progress on things that had been tweaked, ideas that were left behind and the development of and idea was something, now that my time in this project is coming to end, that shows my work in a way I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Getting to see my classmates ideas and how they developed theirs, although taking a slightly different direction, helped give me inspiration and even come up with ideas to hopefully aid them in their progress. Communicating with my peers in this way, especially during the lockdown where getting to meet them in person or have any face-to-face time was something that wasnt possible, having miro sessions in this way helped to fill the collaborative hole that my class felt with online learning and it is something I would like to do again in future with my classmates.

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