IXD AAD012 – 1. First week of the Main Workshop


For the main workshop my class was tasked in exploring ways we could improve a pre existing streaming service either with the interface or design.

Firstly, I wanted to research how we as consumers use streaming services and what we want to achieve or feel  by consuming the content provided by services like Netflix, Prime, Spotify and other popular streaming platforms.

UX and UI play a very important role in the users experience with an app or service. UX (user experience) ensures that the consumer finds value in their interaction with the service and UI (user interface) is based on how the users engage and interact with the service. IXD (interaction design) focuses on human behaviour and interaction with a product and creates solutions or designs to improve the experience for the consumer. It is this aspect of an app or programme that is about the visuals rather than the functionality.

Interaction design involves constant feedback from users to ensure you’re maximising the costumers enjoyment and usability of your service as well as updating your interface enough to keep users interested.

With this in mind, I began looking at the most popular streaming services that are offered at the moment to get some facts and statistics.

A survey conducted in 2019, consisting of 2,055 consumers from ages 18-60 concluded that:

1. Consumers want a broad range of content that includes popular movies and series as well as original content.

2. Younger consumers are willing to sit through ads for a reduced or no subscription cost, although they prefer ad-free environments.

3. Consumers display high price sensitivity but at willing to increase monthly cost in order to obtain a new highly anticipated service.

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