This collaborative project is titled First Supper in honour of the artists participating is one of the first of a current breed of ‘internet painters.’ The First Supper is composed of 22 frames, spanning between textures, figures, and arrangements. The overall painting is claimed by one individual, while the separate layers can still be shared by up to 22 different people.  

A collective of thirteen crypto artists with a passion for blockchain-powered digital creations has created something that brings a whole new dimension to interactive art. The artwork has several layers, each created by a different artist and tokenized on the blockchain. The user of these tokens has the ability to modify them, resulting in a constantly evolving work of digital art. 

Digital art is a part of our new world and really reflects our contemporary cultural time period. Since technology now helps one to discuss the authenticity of digital art, digital art in its present state has the potential to be a great investment. The advent of blockchain technologies and the notion of digital ownership has given birth to a new generation of musicians who are fully embracing technology. 

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