Zoom Pavilion, a partnership between Montreal-based artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Polish-American artist Zoom, utilizes monitoring techniques to record video of its audience before displaying it out onto the gallery walls in live time. The installation is represented as a process of continuous visual effects. The 12 individual cameras take wide shots as well as shots of up to 35x magnification, causing the viewer to become disoriented. 

It is included in Lozano-latest Hemmer’s solo show at Art Basel, which opened on June 13th.  

The piece detects the identity of participants and records their spatial relationship within the exhibition space using facial recognition algorithms. Zoom Pavilion is both an experimental forum for self-representation and a massive microscope that connects and tracks the public’s congress. The entire installation is in a state of flux, with the camera moving around, showing various participants and making a dynamically shifting motion focused on optical amplification and tracking.  

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