Final project

I based my work on body positivity and body dysmorphia for my final project. With my good friend’s help, I got the chance to take some images of her portraying someone feeling unsatisfied with their appearance. After I did this, I took these images and photo transferred them to some fabric. Whilst doing this, I crinkled the fabric before I let them dry so their outcome would be rough and eery looking.┬áThe photo transfer colour would occasionally fade to a green/cyan colour although it began to add to the mood of the project. when I began to sew into the images, I decided to go around producing random patterns and lines. I often outlined the faces in the images or sewed over them for emphasis. I felt as if the continuous thread hanging through the room coming from the fabric makes the project look chaotic and rugged.

I decided to draw continuous line drawings stretched out on the fabric for my larger panels and then sewing over it to present a sewn-on figure. my aim for these panels to have the writing look almost sinister to highlight the fear of body dysmorphia and dissatisfaction. after I sewed on the panels, I felt as if the definition of the figure wasn’t as distinct therefore I decided to follow up on them with a wash of coffee staining to create shadows and tones.

overall I feel satisfied with my outcome, however, I feel if I had more time I would have liked to expand on the scale and add in more panels as well as some sheer fabric drapes to add dramatic effect. I would have also liked to have changed the fabric used for the project as the fabric I used would constantly curl up in the corners when heat is applied.


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