Artist Research- Man Rays

Besides being an artist in the genre of surrealism and dadaism, Man Ray also belongs to the list of famous self-portrait artists. Man Ray’s image, Self-Portrait with Computer, features him holding a camera that highlights his call. It looks like famous artists who painted their own self-portraits with their brushes in hand. During his life, Man Ray started playing with self-portraits by wearing various costumes. He tried on women’s clothes, turbans, and not to express the richness of his personality in shots. In the many self-portraits, Man Ray formed his enigmatic persona. 

He made it. Once upon a time he described himself as an artist who “so deforms a topic that almost masks the identity of the original, and it produces a new type.” By playing with methods of this nature as a flower, multiple exposure, and a camera-less rayograph, Man Ray has shown how mutable the image of some kind the human, the material, or the creative medium might be. 

Man Ray is well known for his deep body of photographic work, which includes fashion, portraiture, and technical experimentation, such as solarization, and well-known photograms or “rayographs”: the artist created these persuasive photographs without a shutter, arranged objects contained on photosensitive sheets of paper, and exposed them to light. His art coincided with Cubism, Futurism, Dada, and Surrealism—all while maintaining its own distinct style.  


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