Body Positivity Photography

For my photography, I tried to focus my attention on what people consider their flaws; my model Cheyenne agreed to let me portray the human body in a positive light.

In a few images, I have drawn on Cheyenne’s face as if she was about to go under surgery, thus highlighting how others go under this process as they feel unsatisfied with how they look. Social media platforms are guilty of brainwashing humanity into their being a specific image and body they should have; my idea for this project was to abolish that mindset, inspiring the truth that all bodies are beautiful.

Paper making

I used old collections of newspapers, magazines and cards to create a variation of colours. I tried to create thicker and thinner types of paper as well as trying to make the paper look more authentic and rustic by making the edges of paper rugged and worn.

Final photo outcome

Portraiture is an art form that appears to have its restrictions; a minimal selection of poses and facial features, a small number of filters that don’t make the body look funky, and a few original portrait accounts.  

I attempted to experiment while taking these images, setting out to take the photos from an alternative perspective.

For my final outcome I took inspiration from my previously searched artists such as Isabella Babola. Babola worked closely with using a mirror in some of her work which I tried to incorporate into my own. Similarly, I tried to embody Vivian Maier’s shadow reflection photos, manipulating the useful sunlight to elongate my stature just as Maier had done.