Research- Protest Art

We were asked to research and look into two artists work that have been seen to promote the element of protest and have been recognised for being uplifting and outspoken with their art. The two artists i have found have looked into two major issues our society faces nowadays, however, these two artists do not hesitate to speak about them through their art, presenting their pieces as powerful.

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Environmental drawing -Ailie

In this task, we were asked to sketch and draw our views on our surroundings from within the university, using a range of mediums and techniques.I took into consideration the different angles and perspectives i could look at an area with, as well as the colour scheme and consistency.

Concertina making

I enjoyed creating my concertina, incorporating a range of different styles and mediums whilst doing so. I also enjoyed creating my second concertina, using a variety of different techniques such as subtracting negative space and using a lollipop stick to drag out paint and create blocks and lines of colour.

Charcoal sketches

In this task, we were asked to draw two A2 and two A3 charcoal pastel studies of an environment or view around us, incorporating a range of techniques in attempt to display different kinds of texture in different areas.

Portraits and monograms

 In this task, we were asked to complete a portrait of another student. We were then asked to brainstorm with a small group about ideas for each others monograms, attempting different options then settling on a finalised product.

Photography alphabet

In this project, we were asked to gather objects around our living space and create an alphabet and phrases/words with these objects.