“Identity” AAD011

       (Glenn Bigonet 2021) Talking about the topic of identity I thought mostly of people’s perception on themselves. Sure it’s great being identified by other people, but upon researching I read something interesting. “People see themselves differently from how they see others. They are immersed in their own sensations, emotions, and cognitions at the same…Continue Reading “Identity” AAD011

Printing (collages and drawing research) AAD012

I was tasked to make some collages and drawings of the space around me and the spaces I chose where my bedroom and hallway. This is in preparation for the printing workshop that begins soon. These drawings have gave thoughtful, well planned out, inspiration for when I begin to make my printing plates….Continue Reading Printing (collages and drawing research) AAD012

Sculpture artist Research

Michelangelo (1475-1564)   Michelangelo was well known for his painting of the Sistine chapel but he also focused heavily on sculpture and some of his greatest work where cut from marble such as his iconic ‘David’ statue. Michelangelo was dedicated to his work and was said to be sculpting up until 1 week before his…Continue Reading Sculpture artist Research