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Final prints from the Printmaking Workshop

    These are some screen-prints of different flowers ranging from Bluebells, Daffodils and Sunflowers that i created and i am very proud of the outcome, sadly and to my own negligence i forgot to take photographs of my Bluebell prints and therefore cant showcase these properly except for one unclear far away photograph which…Continue Reading Final prints from the Printmaking Workshop

AAD0011 Coursework 2- Sustainability

Claude Monet. Waterloo bridge, Claude Monet 1901.   The Topic of sustainability is quite a popular one in art with many artists taking inspiration from their environments and surroundings. Claude Monet had a very environmental appeal with his work and took a lot of inspiration from a smog covered London in 1901. According to an…Continue Reading AAD0011 Coursework 2- Sustainability

AAD011 Gender

Gender The artist Frida Kahlo perfectly represents womanhood and real femininity throughout her works such as her self portraits. In these portraits Kahlo challenges society’s demands for how Woman should look and act, women are supposed to be perfectly groomed with hair only in the right places but just like men we grow hair on…Continue Reading AAD011 Gender

AAD011 Communication

Communication Communication is how we interact with each other to express our feelings and this is done through written, vocal and visual communication. Visual communication is a massive factor in art and is usually how the artist speaks to the viewers telling them what they feel through a piece. This goes back as far as…Continue Reading AAD011 Communication

AAD011 “Innovation”

The word innovation brought my mind straight to all the Big tech companies of today, such as Amazon, Tesla, Space X and various others. These companies are constantly creating new innovative products and lifestyle changes, for example Elon Musk’s mission to Mars with his company Space X. But as of the last few years our focus…Continue Reading AAD011 “Innovation”

Printmaking artist research (linocuts- Sybil Andrews)

Sybil Andrews was a printmaking artist who made many of her works during the first and second world wars, and with this time period came a lot of shortages in supplies such as wood which was seen by Andrews as “too laborious” anyway, so working with what she has such as flooring linoleum, old umbrellas and…Continue Reading Printmaking artist research (linocuts- Sybil Andrews)