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Final prints from the Printmaking Workshop

    These are some screen-prints of different flowers ranging from Bluebells, Daffodils and Sunflowers that i created and i am very proud of the outcome, sadly and to my own negligence i forgot to take photographs of my Bluebell prints and therefore cant showcase these properly except for one unclear far away photograph which…Continue Reading Final prints from the Printmaking Workshop

Printmaking Research- Great men by Marlene Dumas

Great men is a series of works by Marlene Dumas as she wanted to respond against Russia’s very strict Anti-Gay legislations in the modern day world, this topic shines personal to Dumas as she realised that some of her favourite artist such as David Hockney and Oscar Wilde are indeed Gay men, Dumas wanted to…Continue Reading Printmaking Research- Great men by Marlene Dumas

Printmaking Research Vija Clemins

Vija Clemins is a painter and printmaker who focuses on the natural world and her surroundings such as the ocean and space in her works. she adds very fine detail into each piece that it almost looks like photography than a print capturing the beauty of the natural world around us. web#1 This is a…Continue Reading Printmaking Research Vija Clemins

Fine art painting AAD012

here are some paintings and drawings I did focusing on objects such as bottles and shoes. I really struggled during this workshop and found myself constantly throwing away drawings and paintings as they didn’t interest me. I feel as though my skills weren’t up to scratch either which was quite disappointing although I think the…Continue Reading Fine art painting AAD012

Printmaking artist research (drypoint/etching)

Best known as a painter, Rembrandt made significant contributions to printmaking, producing almost 300 prints in his career, and is considered a great master of print. As a printmaker, Rembrandt repeatedly experimented with the etching, tonal effects, and the dramatic portrayal of his subjects. In order to achieve the results he desired, he often combined etching with…Continue Reading Printmaking artist research (drypoint/etching)