Printmaking Research Vija Clemins

Vija Clemins is a painter and printmaker who focuses on the natural world and her surroundings such as the ocean and space in her works. she adds very fine detail into each piece that it almost looks like photography than a print capturing the beauty of the natural world around us.

Vija Celmins – ARTnews.comweb#1

This is a screenprint of a spider web by Vija Clemins that looks so beyond realistic that it almost gives me shivers. each intricate detail of the web has been carefully presented through this piece, we dot look into spider webs as we are freaked out by the creature that create them but Vija has captured the raw beauty of a spiders web that gives you a sense of appreciation for the artist depicting the web but also the little spider who put the web into place.


Vija Celmins born 1938 | Tateocean

this piece created by Vija using engraving into wood shows a amazing representation of the ocean with each ripple in the waves appropriately evident and placed perfectly to create a true depiction of the ocean and the highlights showing the reflection of the sun shining above through each wave in the water. the vast detail in this piece is immaculate and very intricate.


vijas works really shine through to me as I am also taking inspiration from the natural world around me. i aspire one day to showcase the talent that she holds in her hands and in her works.

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