Printmaking Rationale

Throughout the workshop I have focused on nature and the theme of “In the Garden” as I take great joy from Nature and Flowers, these are the simple things that i enjoy through the bright colours in Flowers and the ranges of greens though leaves and stems. I followed this from my sketchbook through to my prints taking inspiration from the outdoors. i particularly enjoyed my work around sunflowers through this workshop and feel a new appreciation from the species of Plant that I once before hated. I loved how bright and colourful my Sunflower prints cam out and I’m very proud of my other prints as well in particular the Bluebells. I know throughout i have been lacking in work and i deeply regret that as I could have made this project so much greater! but from the work I have done I have really enjoyed the process of planning and making the screens and most of all watching the prints slowly unfold in front of me on the printing press.

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