Painting contextual research

Peter Doig

…is a Scottish painter and is known as one of the most renowned figurative living painters. He lived in Trinidad for a period of a few years which is where a lot of his painting took place such as “white canoe” the painting attached below. This piece depicts a white Conroe on a lake or river bed with lots of trees and reeds in the painting which is Also Bursting with colour. My favour part of this painting is how well he captured the colours and reflections of nature on the water.



Gillian Ayers 

… was a British painter best known for how abstract her work was which earned her a turner prize. Her most popular work is the painting “Antony and cleopatra” which is fill of brights colours and different mark makings. Personally I think The painting is quite over crowded with colour and objects which I find very hard to keep a focus on. But overall her work is amazing.

Antony and Cleopatra 1982 Gillian Ayres OBE 1930-2018 Purchased 1982


Henri Matisse

Was a french artist known for a wide use of colour in his paintings, his pieces commonly included figures In a cartoonish type form. One of his most renowned paintings was “woman with a hat” (1905) a lovely painting depicting just a woman dressed up with a frock and fancy hat full of colour. The woman looks very wealthy and proud in the piece. I enjoy how the colours are well thought out and combine together nicely.

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