Day: February 8, 2021

Printmaking artist research (linocuts- Sybil Andrews)

Sybil Andrews was a printmaking artist who made many of her works during the first and second world wars, and with this time period came a lot of shortages in supplies such as wood which was seen by Andrews as “too laborious” anyway, so working with what she has such as flooring linoleum, old umbrellas and…Continue Reading Printmaking artist research (linocuts- Sybil Andrews)

Printmaking artist research (drypoint/etching)

Best known as a painter, Rembrandt made significant contributions to printmaking, producing almost 300 prints in his career, and is considered a great master of print. As a printmaker, Rembrandt repeatedly experimented with the etching, tonal effects, and the dramatic portrayal of his subjects. In order to achieve the results he desired, he often combined etching with…Continue Reading Printmaking artist research (drypoint/etching)