Product Design Research AAD0010

On this task for product design we have been asked to put some research into finding information on artists who specialise in creating art using paper. Here is some of what I found.


Paul Jackson.

There is an artist called Paul Jackson who uses paper art in his work and has been a professional paper artist since 1982 and uses the ‘paper cheat’ method of origami which uses glue to make 3D paper sculptures. He has travelled across countries like USA, canada and Israel teaching his work in universities. Some of his most notable work is the books he has written which adds to around 30 books, in these he teaches a variety of different ways to carry out his techniques such as ‘folding techniques for designers from sheet to form’. Some of these techniques show how to create pleats and create boxes alongside showcasing the sculptures he himself has created. Jackson explained in an interview that his love of paper art stemmed from big a young boy and not having ugh so he played with paper and created things with it following through onto later life.  Here is some of his finished paper techniques I have attached below.





Helen Museelwhite


Helen Musselwhite is a UK based artist who specialises in paper art and focuses around the area of nature. She uses a lot of inspiration from flowers and plants to create her colourful flower paper creations. She includes all kinds of plants and animals such as birds her in paper scenes. She cuts each piece of paper precisely by hand to make each scene she creates. While musselwhite is a ‘small artist’ she has made some notable work for McDonalds the fast food chain, Audi, Cadbury’s chocolate and Nokia. Most of her work is done from home in her small studio in Manchester. My favourite oh her work is a piece called ‘fantasy’ which I have attached below. I love each vivid colour and the dramatic amounts of layers used without the work.  Also the randomness of it with the mushrooms, castle and unicorn it really feels like looking into a young child’s dream or fantasy if you will.




Yulia Brodskaya.


Yulia Brodskaya is an artist and illustratrator well known for her Handmade paper art pieces which are highly detailed and elegant. Brodskaya is from Moscow but moved to England to study in the university of Hertfordshire where she graduated with a master in graphics communication. She uses and old fashioned technique called quilling which involves ribbons of paper to create small intricate designs in her works. She describes her work as “drawing with paper instead of on it” which is a really great way to describe it as it is so finely detailed. One of her most notable pieces was a large paper artwork for the Wimbledon clubhouse which i have attached below. This piece is to impressive from each dainty detail that has been so carefully thought out and placed, I am in love with each colour and placement used in this piece.



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