Day: November 9, 2020

Games design

We were asked to re work the classic game Battleship which unfortunately I am not very educated on and have never played. Although upon a bit of research I found the basic rules and my immediate idea was instead of using coordinates you could use dice such as in snakes and ladders. This would be…Continue Reading Games design


Character sheets, stop motion and bouncing ball trial.   I really enjoyed the animation tasks which I honestly didn’t expect I’ve always been afraid of technology but this work shop brought me out of my comfort zone big time and I really enjoyed making the bouncy ball especially.IMG_0152 IMG_0153…Continue Reading Animation

Graphic design 26 sketches 14 digital AAD0010

In this workshop I was tasked to draw 26 quick sketches around random words given to me, I found this task a little tricky as some words where foreign to me such as “glyph”. I am also just getting used to the digital side of things but overall it was a really fun…Continue Reading Graphic design 26 sketches 14 digital AAD0010