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these are some monogram designs using my initials ‘A.M.’  My favourite of all was the top left hand monogram because its nice and sharp and eye-catching while maintaining some elegance. i could see this monogram used as a logo on makeup or perfume maybe….

Protest in Art   link to word document….

House on stilts

  This project was fun to do as it was creative to be recycling although i struggled with actually putting the house together never mind standing it up on stilts. it was challenging but that was most enjoyable part of the project. especially at the end when it stood up….

3D Cityscape

This is a 3D model of a cityscape I did using cardboard. i personally dont like this much because its very flat and I thought the outcome would have been better than what it turned out to be. although i do like the piece in general i just feel that i didnt listen to the…

Museum AAD009

  These photos are from the Ulster Museum workshop where i focused on using charcoal as a medium. I really enjoyed using charcoal and the effect it gives compared to pencil drawings, i feel that it gave me more freedom to be impressionistic.    …

Environment AAD009

The Environment workshop was the first workshop I have done and it really brought me out of my comfort zone for 2 main reasons, time management being one reason because during our A-levels I spent hours and sometimes days on an individual piece so I found the short time pieces difficult bit I quickly adapted…