inspiration for recreating classic paintings ( Link to a Pinterest board I’ve made with more paintings)

I have chosen these pieces each because they are simplistic but also because I feel they are the most achievable for the frame of time we have been given. Some of these images are very pretty and elegant such as the young girl washing up in the sink.

I plan to recreate 3 of these paintings using photography, I have a feeling this is going to be a fun task and I am looking forward to the practical photography.

Laura Carlin Research

Laura Carlin/ offset Dublin 2017

I’ve have taken a few bullet points to start with just to get brainstorming and taking down basic information:

  • Laura came from an academic family
  • She still to this day jokes about not being able to spell and being artsy
  • Laura’s work is minimalistic and almost childlike “child’s play”
  • She talked about her tutor in 3rd year telling her that her sketchbooks were not the end of her ability. “How are you going to make any money?” because all she used to do was draw in her precious sketchbooks and she says she used to pride them like trophies.
  • Her work is so minimalistic because she focuses on the important parts of her artwork and the message she’s trying to send. Such as in the illustration of a Geisha in her she self-published book “Ten days in Tokyo”. She says the focus in this was the Geisha’s feet.


  • As minimalistic as her work is she speaks about wanting to make a connection between her fictional characters possibly being real, and trying to convey that in her work.
  • In one of her pieces titled “Panic” she had said that she likes to leave it up in the air as to why she called the piece panic. She takes enjoyment in making the viewer think about the piece instead of just looking at it and being given all the answers. She wants people to question why? “Walk around the reveal”, “Don’t give anything away”.
  • With several different topics taking shape in her artwork, whether happy or sad she likes to leave as much to the imagination as possible when it comes to explaining why? Or how?


Laura has talked about a piece she had created in which the focus was a man and a woman meeting for the first time, but she has explained that she didn’t just want the focus to be just on them, so she illustrated what was going on around them also. She wanted to illustrate his yearning for her, to me this was very interesting as I enjoyed the thought she puts in behind just the simple principle of two people meeting in a winter scene. She also has put the effort in to display the emotions of the two characters she has created. This is something I will take away from this when doing my own illustrations, not only to think about who the person is but how they are feeling in that moment.

Laura has also illustrated for other authors and their books. When illustrating for the Chekhov Collected Stories she says she takes time to know the book so she can give the illustration the same feel. She describes this series as being “Rich and deep” so she tries to capture this in her illustrations making them visually rich.

When illustrating the iron man she created his character via shadows and size. She had made him larger than the other townsfolk alongside him having a shadow when no one else did. She had worked with a photographer using actual cut outs of all the characters and working on one big set with all the characters at once. She jokes that she has to make things harder for herself because she can’t just settle for “normal”. This made him stick out, particularly since this was a children’s book I think this was a smart idea to make the iron man stand out and make it even more apparent that he was “different”. Laura mentions that the happy ending was not really her thing but considering this is a children’s book she had to come to a compromise and go along with the story line, by doing so she gave all of the characters a shadow and this signified harmony and everyone righting their wrongs becoming friends.

word count: 637


Album/record covers


I thouroughly enjoyed this task it was super inside of my comfort zone! I love creating digitally and as soon as i heard we would be creating record/album covers i immediately reached for my ipad and started using different images and illustration to create these covers.

I really enjoy punk rock or rock music in general and have been brought up with it as my dad was a dan aswel being born in the 80’s and growing up through the 90’s. I was introduced to blink 182 and sum41 in my teens, my dad taught me about why they do what they do and why they have the style they have. I am facinated by the confidence that most of these bands have to be themselves and not be afraid of what others think.

So taking i spiration from some of the bands my dad used to listen to i googled their album/record covers for inspiration and found a surplus of helpful images.


Overall this task was super fun and i found this really enjoyable being able to use the different media even digitally being able to incorporate the use of newspaper and lettering all the way to spray painting and splayter  to include a “grunge” type of wash over everything.

Household object alphabets

Using household objects to create an alphabet and then creating phrases out of these letters is a very fun creative project I enjoyed this more than anything I’ve done so far. Painting the phrase was satisfying to see it all come together and look like the picture

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