Fine Art : Set Up

At the beginning of the Fine Art workshop I set up my space to work from for the entirety of this section of the module. Having brought in a wide selection of objects I’d worked with Gerry to select the best of these objects to build up my installation space.          

Fine Art : Artist Research

Susan Rothenberg Susan Rothenberg was a contemporary American artist known for her glyph-like paintings of animal and human figures. The bold outlines which compose her forms, act as vessels in which to explore the textural and luminous properties of paint. Hugh O’Donaghue O’Donoghue uses figuration and abstraction to explore themes of human identity, memory, and experience; […]

Product Design : Research

Robert Lang   Robert Lang is an origami artist who used to be a laser scientist with NASA, this previous experience is heavily used in his work as he uses computer powered calculations to design artwork that simply couldn’t be created with bare hands.   My favourite of all his pieces is the bird and […]

Textile Art Design Fashion : Pattern Challenge

Black and White Patterns Throughout my black and white patterns I tried my best to focus on the positive and negative while exploring different shapes, textures and even creating 3 dimensional pieces. My favourite patterns from these tonal ideas are the 3 dimensional pieces created from book pages because I love how the light and […]

Textile Art Design Fashion : Speed Drawing

Having been asked to create speed drawings from the Moschino Spring/Summer Collection 2021 I tried my best to capture every piece of clothing created by Jeremy Scott for the puppets to perform the catwalk show due to the COVID-19 restrictions.   Overall I am happy with the outcome of my drawings with my preferred 4 […]