For my personal brands values, I thought about how I wanted to be preserved as when doing work for somebody which I thought about for a while until I had […]


When choosing my colour palette I had a general idea of what I wanted when sketching out. I knew I wanted dark green, black and gold as I knew this […]

Personal brand

For beginning my personal brand project, the first thing I did was sketch out logo ideas which was a little difficult because my letter choices were A,M,S so that didn’t […]

Colour palette vanilla

  For the colours I knew that I want to use a light cream as its the first colour people think of when thinking of vanilla so that was certain. […]


For my logo design, I thought the best shape to work with was the letter ‘V’ as its shape can be easily in interpreted from a triangle and it gave […]

Sketches and final product

  After doing research and looking for style influence from artists I knew briefly what kind of style I wanted but wasn’t sure how to present it. My initial thoughts […]

Design influencers

Momo Momo is a freelance illustrator originally from the Netherlands, now living in Portugal.    Niniwanted Jenny Lelong, better known as Niniwanted on social medias, is a French illustrator. Amanda […],from%20the%20Asia%20Pacific%20market.,from%20the%20Asia%20Pacific%20market Newzoo  

Inspiration from creators

Aaron Draplin Aaron Draplin is an American Graphic Design and entrepreneur based in Portland, Oregon. Glancing through Draplin’s work, you see that most of his work involves designing logos for […]