November 17

Music graphic

Album Artwork for “Everybody” by Logic. Illustrated by Sam Spratt

This album artwork was heavily inspired by the High Renaissance movement that I discussed. It incorporates Renaissance elements with modern elements, such as technology and robotics. I love this cover because it includes the soft colours and realistic style that are iconic due to Renaissance artists, but these are contrasted with the bolder primary colours worn by the modern characters. There are a lot of visual elements to this piece, which I feel makes it interesting and captivating for the viewer, as there is lots to take in in all areas of the image.

November 17

High Renaissance

I believe High Renaissance art is one of the most impactful art movements in history, and the ‘Creation of Adam’ image I selected is one of the most recognisable pieces of art of all time. This movement is most famous for it’s photorealistic style and chiaroscuro lighting, creating balance and contrast within the images. The Renaissance period completely revolutionised the way art was made and viewed, and the High Renaissance pieces represent the very best of this ideal. I love this piece in particular for it’s composition, with the leading lines of the outstretched hands drawing the eye to the focal point of the almost touching fingers.